Martin Velasco defeats Christian Veloto at Bosch Tour 3 in Buenos Aires
Martin Velasco (r) awarded by "Simply The Best" promoter Hector Valiente (c) with the WKN championship belt after his victory over Christian Veloto (l) in South American middle muaythai title fight

Argentine Martin Velasco defeats Christian Veloto of Paraguay on February 26 in Buenos Aires.

Martin Velasco vs Christian Veloto headlined the Bosch Tour 3 international fight show at Mariano Moreno Club. The bout was for the WKN middleweight South American title in Muay Thai. Local competitor came out victorious consequently earning a prestigious belt.

In the co-main event Nicolas Jara and Marcos Rios squared off in the national championship. As a result Jara won the fight and became a new lightweight champion of Argentina.

Bosch Tour 3 have shown local fighters going up against the representatives of Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. Among others, Nicolas Sanchez of Argentina defeated Silvio Caballero of Paraguay. In the female muaythai bout local Sally Ortigoza scored a decision against Andrea Salazar also of Paraguay. In addition Gustavo Rodriguez earned a decision against Christian Dipp in the MMA bout.

The show was promoted by the cruiserweight kickboxing world champion Cristian “Serpiente” Bosch. Fernando Munoz coordinated the event, representing the World Kickboxing Network. One of the promoters at “Simply The Best” kickboxing series, Hector Valiente attended the gala.

Argentina is a prominent participant of kickboxing world. It has produced numerous world champions including Federico Roma, Ignacio Capllonch and internationally renowned Jorge “Acero” Cali.

The country hosts various fight shows, as well as the eminent series “Simply The Best” on European television network SFR Sport 5. Argentina reclaims the status of kickboxing capital in South America this November promoting episode 17 of Season 3.