Carnage Global Retreat: Nathan Corbett organizes muaythai training camp in Bali
Nathan Corbett / Pic: Bram Heimens / ASA

The impact on the people who attend the Carnage Global Retreat.

When I first thought of the idea of putting a training camp style of retreat together my main focus was around the fight based training that it will hold twice daily. As I became further involved in my vision, it started to feel more deeper than just a fight style of training camp where the physical body had to play most of the roll.

Although Martial Arts training has a huge mental attitude component, while doing Muay Thai and Kickboxing you can focus a lot more on the physical aspects of the activity. You can let the mental stuff be not as much a focus point. This tends to happen more when it has been introduced to the person as a fitness based training or weight loss program.

As a professional fighter it certainly was physical and more than some could handle. But the mental game was also huge. So I started to re-evaluate what I’d like to give people. How they might be better prepared for life outside of the ring.

I then started to add many layers. From hard to soft aspects with yoga being a daily component along side meditation and visualization techniques. It gives the person a full body mind wake up.

At the Carnage Global Retreat the coaching will be taught from a warrior way of thinking. The training will teach the person to overcome physical and mental battles.

I believe the impact our retreats will have on those who attend will be priceless.

It will give them the tools from fight skills, basic yoga movements and a warrior mindset. This will give more confidence and discipline to their lives. It will allow them too be more powerful more, peaceful and more accretive to their own goals and vision.

Carnage Global retreat has been designed for you to feel powerful, energized and passionate about living life to your full potential. The first 1 week long adventure will be in Bali from 10th to 17th May 2017. It will include:

  • Mid range accommodation
  • Daily Yoga with world class instructor
  • Muay Thai training twice a day at top class facilities
  • Breakfast, lunch
  • Social fun activities
  • Cultural experiences
  • Mindset and motivation
  • Personal Development
  • Meditation, relaxation and visualization
  • Meeting and connecting like minded people
  • 24hr mentorship from myself

How would you like the chance to come on a retreat with myself Nathan Carnage Corbett, 11 time Muay Thai World Champion. With expressions of interest contact me on Facebook or direct message on Instagram.