WKN Head Stephane Cabrera Creates The Fighting Network

President of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera establishes a new concept called TFN.

Stephane Cabrera is a world renowned devotee of kickboxing. For almost 25 years the WKN head has been developing and promoting the sport across the Globe. He is also an international matchmaker for various shows as well as the athletes manager. In addition Cabrera has worked with numerous projects and organizations. He has held the positions from the co-founder to the continental representative.


Among everything, the WKN boss is the vice-world president of nutorious IVC (International Vale Tudo Championship). He is also a former representative of ISKA in Europe. In 2010 together with Jean-Christophe Courreges and Jean-Philippe Lustyk, he has launched a new boxing sensation known as the “Bigger’s Better”. The project evolved into the Girl Power kickboxing tournament.

Cabrera is also the IBA boxing boss in Europe. Furthermore, he is a founder of FIGHTMAG. And lasty he is a producer of the eminent kickboxing series “Simply The Best”.

Besides the numerous WKN events every month around the World, recently, Cabrera has been closely working with Japan. Particularly, he has been a matchmaker and TV commentator for Ganryujima as well as for SEiZA. The latter has recently recognized him as its exclusive international representative.

As well, the ProKick 2011 “King Matchmaker” assists the Fight Night Saint Tropez and the series of Dark Fights. He also manages the Top Team. Its fighters partake in GLORY kickboxing, Kunlun Fight, RISE and more.

The volume of work alongside the WKN has led to a new concept.

“I have created the TFN [The Fighting Network] not as a subsidiary or branch of the WKN, but a separate concept,” Cabrera told fightmag.com.au. “It comprises everything that I personally provide to the different organizations worldwide.”

“The WKN is now maybe only 30 per cent of all my work in the fighting sports industry. Although the federation is very active and of course number one.”


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