Artem Vakhitov Calls Out Kickboxing Rebel Gokhan Saki

Glory kickboxing light heavyweight champion Artem Vakhitov left a message for K-1 veteran Gokhan Saki.

Last Friday Artem Vakhitov defended his belt for the second time. He stopped his long time vis-a-vis Saulo Cavalari of Brazil at Glory 38 Chicago. In the post-fight interview the current title holder spoke Russian with the interviewer translating into English.

Vakhitov spoke the fight against Cavalari. He said he might face him again, which would be their fourth bout. However he added their most recent encounter left no questions. His next opponent is Ariel Machado. Also Brazilian, has won the four-man contender tournament. Vakhitov said it would be interesting to fight the challenger who had indeed proved himself by winning the tourney.

When asked whether he would be interested in fighting in Brazil this June Vakhitov said he is ready to fight in any country. Although he has added that the details of his next fights would be discussed in the near future.

The interviewer presumed that Vakhitov might want to face off Gokhan Saki of Turkey. The latter is also a former Glory light heavyweight champion. Vakhitov said that he had been waiting for that bout for a long time. He also said he was ready to fight him any time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, who was the strongest in the division. In addition he mentioned the talks in social media and outlined that the actual bout would figure it all.

The host said that Saki has called a lot of fighters out although he has not shown any interest in Vakhitov. Answering the question whether “The Rebel” is running away, Vakhitov said he didn’t know, however such impression might have appeared.

“If he is not calling me out, that’s what it is then,” he said. “Saki, you’re next,” Vakhitov said in conclusion.

The latest appearance of Gokhan Saki at Glory events was in 2014

Infamous tournament in Istanbul has gathered three most eminent names in the light heavyweight kickboxing at that time. “The King of the Ring” Tyrone Spong of Netherlands, “The Elbow Master” Nathan “Carnage” Corbett of Australia and Gokhan “The Rebel” Saki of Turkey were seen in the action at Glory for the very last time. The card of the four-man championship tournament also included Saulo Cavalari of Brazil.

After winning a fiasco tournament “The Rebel” fought and defeated Sebastian Ciobanu in Dubai in 2015. It was his latest fight to date.

According to the reports the contract between Saki and Glory was not renewed due to the financial matters. However the star out of Turkey has intentions for a comeback. He indeed called out the heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven as well as the legendary Remy Bonjasky who has accepted the challenge. To this moment there is now response from Saki in social media in regards to Vakhitov call.