Escape the Grind: Muay Thai Carnage Global Retreat

It’s getting closer to our first Carnage Global Retreat, which is held from 10 to 17 May in the beautiful Bali.

I’m very excited to step into this next stage of my life. It¬†begins my new adventure of teaching and inspiring people. It aims to bring their inner warrior out of them, or otherwise calm the warrior fire to be more gentle like water.

To do this you must understand both arenas. As a professional fighter for over 14 years I understand the hard, but also now understanding the soft side of training and thinking. Yoga and meditation was a great way to bring these two together. It gives a better understanding of what mindset is required for all this to be applied to the modern day world.

The Carnage Global Retreat will be different from any other you may have seen or been to before. It focuses on getting your warrior spirit to awaken amongst the gods of Bali.

Bali is calling you

We will be staying out of the crazy busy spots of Bali in the areas of Seminyak and Canggu. The daily focus will be to work hard, but to also relax and enjoy the islands beauty.

Morning will start with yoga and meditation to fire up the body and balance the mind for the day of training. We will also have the mid morning fight based training. We will return again late afternoon for another form of conditioning with fight techniques.

Our evenings will be fun and rewarding with dinner out in some of the most beautiful restaurants in Bali. To finish the night off, we will have a motivational mindset talk before heading to bed to rest up for the next day of adventure and training.

In addition, we will take a day of rest. We will discover some unique sites of Bali with temples, their cheeky monkeys, the famous Uluwatu views. We will definitely enjoy a traditional lunch from locals.

Come and join my team on what’s going to be 6 full days of fight style training, yoga, mindset and meditation. There will be lots of¬†fun laughs and friendships. You can contact me on Facebook or direct message on Instagram.