Muay Thai Star John Wayne Parr Hits Pads on GoPro

Famed Australian muaythai fighter John Wayne Parr prepares for his next fight.

John Wayne Parr is making his debut at the Bellator Kickboxing promotion on April 8 in Turin. The bout starts the three-fight deal he has signed with the organization last year. “The Gunslinger” is facing off Nando Calzetta of Italy at the Pala Alpitour sports arena.

Parr is undergoing the training camp at his Boonchu Gym on the Gold Coast. As of today he is fighting in less than four weeks.

This morning “JWP” hit the stream with the video posted on his page on Facebook and profile on Instagram. It shows him inside the MMA octagon, kicking and punching pads. Last Tuesday the footage was also previously uploaded on YouTube.

Some of the moments display “JW” producing, as many or as little, the ten-hit combinations. In addition, the clip was filmed with the GoPro.

“My friend Tony [Manoharan] lent my pad holder his GoPro to capture what it looks like holding pads from his perspective. I thought the only way to oblige for some good footage would be to do some crazy sh*t. Please notice how easy it is to read my telegraphed jab,” Parr captioned.

The 72.5 kg bout John Wayne Parr vs Nando Calzetta bout will go ahead at 3 x 3 minute rounds in K-1 kickboxing. The happening is the second fight of the renowned Australian in Italy. In 2004 Parr defeated Fadi Merza of Austria in Padova at the SuperLeague promotion.