Kickboxing World Cup 2017 Highlight Video Released

The World Kickboxing Network held World Cup 2017 on Friday March 10 in Tehran.

International kickboxing came to Iran under the banner of the largest federation in the industry, the WKN. Over twelve nations took part in the fiesta dedicated to the development of sport.

The championship was an 8-man welterweight kickboxing tournament. International contenders battled out in the fast-paced bouts. Prestigious WKN championship belt was on the line. Askgar Hosejni of Afghanistan won three contests during one evening consequently taking all tournament. He defeated Andreas Charitou of Cyprus, Ilan Durrand of France and the representative of the country host Mohammed Hossein Daroudian. FIGHTMAG was the first to report the results from the event.

In addition, four international title bouts featured on the program. Local competitors Sina Karimian, Vahid Mahdavi, Armin Ebrahimpour and Mohammad Siahat Maradi defeated Neil Aquino of Germany, Giorgi Kimadze of Georgia, Chobon Soraphun and Pong Chuenchun of Thailand.

Promoter in Tehran was Reza Hejazi. The head official was Klaus Hagemann of Germany. Numerous eminent characters presented at the gala. Among others, the list comprises a former 16-time world champion Osman Yigin of Belgium and the famed K-1 referee Atsuhi Onari of Japan.

President of the WKN Stephane Cabrera outlined the importance of the “historic event” which was the first time to comprise “so many different nationalities” participating in the event held in Iran.

“This is important for Iran. It can show that it is a good place for the international tournament. It is also good that the other countries, all the world, now know that Iran is hosting an international competition of a good level.”

In addition to the day-by-day photo report the WKN has posted the storyboard video. On March 15 the organization has also posted the highlight video clip from the competition.