MMA fight show Ganryujima 7 Tokyo returns on May 6 live on Fuji Network
Ganryujima 7 is held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan live on Fuji network

Ganryujima 7 Tokyo returns live on Fuji network, Saturday May 6.

“Ganryujima – Way of the Samurai” is a Japanese Mixed Martial Arts promotion presented by a former K-1 executive Sadaharu Tanikawa. The backbone is Fuji television network. The events air live in prime time. The President of the WKN, Stephane Cabrera is an official representative of the project outside Japan.

Ganryujima made its debut late 2015. Since the third episode, the promotion collaborates with the leading kickboxing federation, the World Kickboxing Network. The latter brings to the table the worldwide exposure as well as plays the role of a matchmaker. Numerous fighters out of the WKN Top Team appear on the mat at Ganryujima events facing off Japanese warriors.

The rules of fighting are typical MMA at 3 x 5 minute rounds, but without submissions. The bouts also go ahead in the flat circle equivalent to Sumo, with no ropes or fenced enclosure.

The athletes on the cards are the representatives of their national Martial Arts. The lists includes numerous disciplines from tradition Karate and Muay Thai to Kushti, Jeet Kune Do, Sanda and even Calcio Fiorentino [an early form of football in Italy].

Famous Tokyo Dome hosted the latest promotion last October. The MMA fighter out of Japan, Katsunori Kikuno took all-Asia one-night eight-man welterweight tournament.

The next show, Ganryujima 7 [5.6] is held at Maihama Centre. The WKN world office revealed the fight card on Sunday.

In the main event local star Katsunori Kikuno is facing off Jimmy Ambriz of the US. Also the representative of the country-host Nobutatsu Suzuki is taking on Marcus Lelo Aurelio of Brazil. In addition Japanese athletes Hideki Sekine and Yoshiyuki Yoshida are battling out against Baru Harn of Mongolia and Kuntap Charoenchai of Thailand.