Muay Thai Fighter John Wayne Parr Talks Western Society

John Wayne Parr appears on London Real.

A new episode with the King of Muay Thai out of Australia, John Wayne Parr has recently appeared on London Real. The “People Worth Watching” series feature the guests that share fascinating stories as well as have unique perspectives on life. The show aspires to invite its viewers on a journey through the lives of others. It aims to inspire them to embark on one of their own. Among many others, the list of invitees has seen the world champion boxer Chris Eubank, the six-time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates, the world parkour champion Timothy Shieff, Harvard professor and author Steven Pinker.

In the “John Wayne Parr – The Gunslinger” episode released on Sunday, the Australian fighter shares his outlook on life. He speaks the western society and its ways. In the teaser he gives an a example of how the same situation is dealt in the western world in comparison with Thailand.

“The westerners – this is mine, that’s yours. Okay once yours run out, you are on the street. I am not gonna help you. That’s mine,” says Parr.

“Thailand – come on mate, come sleep in my house. I’ve got room on the floor.”

In conclusion, he digs deep. He tries to find the reason of what has actually happened.

“We’ve lost love, I guess. I think we’ve become too caught up in our own sells. We’ve forgotten that end of the day – what happened to our society.”

In the previous chapters, “The Gunslinger” spoke success. When asked about what comes to his mind when he hears the word “successful”, “JWP” responds “Georges St Pierre”.

John Wayne Parr is currently undergoing the training camp for his next bout. He is making the debut at Bellator Kickboxing on April 8 in Turin, facing off the local competitor Nando Calzetta.