President of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera becomes the official representative of Japanese Martial Arts project Ganryujima
Stephane Cabrera comments Ganryujima martial arts events live on Fuji network

Stephane Cabrera obtains the position of the international representative of Ganryujima.

The President of the World Kickboxing Network, Stephane Cabrera is the man who needs no introduction. He is a devotee of kickboxing for over two decades as well as the pioneer-promoter in numerous corners of the Globe. Over the years, among everything the WKN Head has held the positions in IVC, ISKA and IBA. He is a co-producer of the Bigger’s Better Boxing and also a founder of Simply The Best.

Cabrera has recently launched The Fighting Network. The concept comprises his activities alongside the WKN, which he outlined as “now maybe only 30 per cent” of all his work in the fighting sports industry. “Although the federation is very active and of course number one,” he said.

Ganryujima is a fairly new Mixed Martial Arts product out of Japan. A former K-1 executive Sadaharu Tanikawa presented the pilot late 2015. The following year the organization has held four events.

Although the contests are typical MMA bouts, the promotion aims to demonstrate the World with the national Martial Arts of the participants. As a result the athletes showcase numerous disciplines such as Muay Thai, Sanda, Calcio Fiorentino, Jeet Kune Do and more.

The most recent show was in January. The next event, Ganryujima 7 airs live on Fuji network on May 6.

On Monday the WKN announced that Stephane Cabrera is the official representative of Ganryujima.

“I take this new function with a lot of pride,” Cabrera told “It is an excellent way to show to the World my knowledge in the field of Martial Arts.”

“Japan is the motherland of the combat sports. To be recognized there is a great achievement. For this I’m very grateful to Mr Tanikawa who has provided this opportunity.”