Sylvester Stallone Talks Mr T: He Sent Me Sliding Down the Ropes

Sylvester Stallone posts Rocky vs James “Clubber” Lang photos and stories on Instagram.

Boxing icon out of the big screen, Sylvester Stallone hits hard. He can indeed also take a punch. Reminiscing Rocky who celebrated his 40th anniversary last November, the A-class celebrity often shares the “very super rare” photographs on his profile on Instagram.

Early last week Stallone made the headlines when he revealed the diet he undertook while filming Rocky III. He has also recently published three new photographs, out of the same picture, that he has never seen before. Moreover, “Sly” has accompanied each image with a real story in the caption.

The latest snap posted on Sunday shows “the brute strength of Mr T”. Born Lawrence Tureaud is an American actor and a retired pro-wrestler. He portrayed  James “Clubber” Lang in the third chapter of the legendary franchise. Stallone outlined the image as the never seen before “very interesting picture”.

“He was an Allstate running back and hit with incredible force. Actually he threw so hard that he was damaging his fist when he caught me on the hip bone or on the elbows. The fact that we haven’t been rehearsing for many months every day was taking it’s toll on our hands. I still have protruding bones on both of my first.

“Real Fighters don’t talk about that much but hitting the joint areas can cause severe swelling of the knuckles which can be incredibly painful and require surgery.”

Famed actor, screen writer and film maker targets the scenes to be as real as they come. As a result, the fighting episodes in Rocky III deliver as much action as you would see at the stadium witnessing a real boxing match.

“Anyway, on a more cheerful note I remember this scene very well because I wanted this battle to be as realistic and personal as possible without getting killed. So I told him to throw these clubbing hooks and overhand right at my head and I would make every effort to block it. But even doing that didn’t cost me from getting stunned and losing my balance as he sent me sliding down the ropes…”

“He was a beast! Especially when he didn’t get his Mint Chip ice cream on time!”