IFMA 2017 world muaythai championships is held in Minsk, Belarus
IFMA muaythai world champion Vitaly Gurkov out of Minsk, Belarus

Belarus Kickboxing and Muay Thai Federation (BKBMTF) organizes IFMA World Championships this year.

The 2017 IFMA World Championships is held in one of the Top 3 countries in Muay Thai. Belarus accommodates the 10-day sporting fiesta from May 3 to May 13. The event is expected to bring over a hundred of nations to Minsk.

The press release by the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) quotes the vice-President of BKBMT Antoliy Simonchyk. He said that it was an honor they have strived for.

“The status of muaythai will now be given an even higher boost in Belarus,” said Simonchyk. “The World Championships in Minsk will be held in true Olympic spirit. The support of the NOC is again the best testimonial for it.”

Belarus has been a notable player in the world of muaythai since the very beginning of its international popularization. The national team out of Belarus has taken part in some of the first world championships in 90’s, organized under the banners of WMF (World Muaythai Federation) as well as IAMTF (International Amateur Muay Thai Federation, the mother of IFMA).

The list of notable Belarusian athletes includes Dmitry Shakuta, Vitaly Gurkov, Andrei Kulebin, Dmitry Valent, Ekaterina Vandaryeva, among others. Furthermore the athletes regularly win medals as well as often claim the first spot on the pedestal.

In December 2016 the sport of Muay Thai received the three-year provisional recognition as Olympic sport from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). During that time, the IOC executive board can recommend full recognition.

Australian national team is also an annual participant of IFMA world championships. Muay Thai Australia has held the team members selection in February.