UFC fighter and kickboxing legend Mark Hunt speaks on the stage at Giant Dwarf Theatre
Mark Hunt and Deng Adut: The Fighter and the War Boy

Mark Hunt appears on the stage at Giant Dwarf Theater on March 31 in Sydney.

New Zealand-born residing in Australia, Mark Hunt is the Fighter. “The Super Samoan” is the star of K-1 in 2000’s and the current top 10 heavyweight in the UFC. He has, indeed, quite a bit to share with others.

This Friday Hunt will speak at the Giant Dwarf Theater. He will appear shoulder to shoulder with Deng Adut. The latter is the War Boy.

Born in South Sudan, living in Australia Adut is a defense lawyer and refugee advocate. He is a former child soldier. Named the 2017 New South Wales Australian of the Year, Adut earned his law degree in Western Sydney University.

The Fighter and the War Boy in their own words

On the stage Mark Hunt and Deng Adut will join their biographer Ben Mckelvey. They will speak about their lives, their late brothers and their books ‘Born to Fight’ and ‘Songs of a War Boy’.

The charity event aims to support the John Mac Foundation. It promotes peace in South Sudan and also provides educational scholarships for refugees. The schedule includes Hunt and Deng in conversation with Mckelvey, questions and answers as well as the book singing.

Actor Dwayne Johnson is quoted in the announcement of the event saying that Hunt’s ‘Born to Fight” is “really impressive.” “This guy’s story is f***ing hardcore.” said “The Rock”. A senior reporter of the Ten Eyewitness News network Hugh Riminton said that Adut’s ‘Song of a War Boy’ is “a marvelous book about an amazing man”.

It is also advised that Giant Dwarf is a licensed venue. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The event duration is from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.