Carnage Global presents Ultimate Warrior Retreat in Bali


May 10-17th the first Warrior Retreat will be launched in Canggu.

If you haven’t already heard about my next exciting adventure, I will tell you all about it. For those who have it only gets better.

Few weeks ago my business partner and I took the trip over there to finalize and make sure the retreat would be everything we hoped for. After 4 days of meetings, research and discovery we have secured the retreat. It has met more than we could have dreamed of.

This will be a week that will never be forgotten. For those that will be a part of it – you are going to remember this for a lifetime.

Our day consists of Yoga, Muay Thai training, mentoring talks and cultural beauty.

At 6 am we have Yoga at the Semara Beach House. This is where the grounds are 5+ star and breathtaking, followed by traditional breakfast. Cooked fresh and brought to us in the private Semara house. Awaken the body and mind with yoga, listening to the ocean and breathing the fresh morning breeze of Bali’s island. What a way to start your day!

The day gets better with 2 times fight based training with myself teaching all sessions, at the famous Bali Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp. This gym is raw but clean. It gives you the ultimate warrior sensation and experience.

In between training, the group will be taken to amazing local restaurants for lunch. It allows time to kick back, relax, get a massage and recover for the next training. Or swim, sun bake, enjoy the bliss of being away from home.

Each night before dinner we will get together to watch the sunset. We will also do some light stretching to soften the body from a hard day of training. Dinner will also be beautiful, with a range of local and international restaurants.

Fueling the body for the next day is important, but also fueling the mind is important. So each night before bed, as a group we get together and talk about the mindset of a warrior. Guided meditations will also be apart of the evening program and performed by Gary our personal Yoga teacher for the retreat.

Six days of becoming stronger

To sum up the Warrior Retreat, it’s going to be 6 full days of training the body and mind, as well as growing the spirit of everyone. Learning more about yourself and others, as we are all together on this journey. Becoming stronger in all areas of your life.

The Ultimate Warrior Retreat combings the art of Muay Thai and Yoga with mindset and mentorship. Men, women of all ages and levels are welcome.