Muaythai fighters Buakaw, Vitaly Gurkov and Simon Marcus training at Banchamek Gym
Buakaw Banchamek of Thailand (l), Vitaly Gurkov of Belarus (c), Simon Marcus of Canada (r) / Pic: FIGHTMAG

Famed muaythai fighters gather at Banchamek Gym.

The home of muaythai ambassador Buakaw Banchamek welcomes a new guest from across the sea. Internationally renowned athlete out of Canada, Simon Marcus jetted to Bangkok mid last week. He tops up the bill of prominent characters shoulder to shoulder with Vitaly Gurkov of Belarus.

Gurkov hit the news stream in March. The multiple IFMA muaythai world champion as well as the 2014 WBC super middleweight title holder has spent two weeks at Banchamek Gym so far. He has been training and sparring with the man who could be arguably dubbed as “Floyd Mayweather of Muay Thai”. To date Buakaw, 34, is still indeed the most notable personality representing the Art of Eight Limbs.

The Belarusian fighter is expected to appear inside the ring in Thailand as well as presumed to partake at World Championships 2017 in Minsk this May. Similarly Thai star is back at fight training although no bouts have been yet officially announced.

“The One” out of Toronto is the one scheduled for a highly anticipated showdown at Glory 41 Copenhagen on April 29. Marcus is undergoing the training camp at Banchamek Gym ahead of his middleweight title clash with Dutch Jason Wilnis. A former champion out of Canada looks forward to reclaim the belt and also square the differences in their decider fight.

On Sunday Banchamek Gym posted a new video from training on its page on Facebook. It shows the trio as well as the number of other fighters in the gym working in the Thai clinch, shadowboxing with weights and more. In addition, on Friday Gurkov posted a photo on his profile on Instagram that shows him with Marcus. “Shortly about today’s training: was a lot of fun,” he captioned.