Tribute to muaythai fighter Jordan Coe
RIP: Jordan Coe

A tribute to Jordan ‘Deachkalek Lamnammoon’ Coe

Sadness echoes throughout the Muay Thai community as we mourn the loss of young Scottish fighter, Jordan Coe. The promising 20-year-old, who had been living in Thailand, was cutting weight for a professional bout scheduled for Sunday evening, 26 March. He was set to weigh in at 61kg to compete against Cambodian boxer, Khon Bola, in the Muang district for what would have undoubtedly been an entertaining, thrilling fight; as it always was when the young southpaw danced his way into the ring.

In an unfortunate turn of events however, tragedy struck, leaving family, friends and fans alike shocked and heartbroken. Jordan’s body was found wrapped in his sweat suit on the morning of his scheduled bout and weigh-in. He was pronounced dead on the scene. It was confirmed by the embassy that Jordan had suffered from severe heat stroke.

A fundraiser was formed to bring Jordan’s body home, and in turn, the true heart of the Muay Thai community was on full display as it was soon after confirmed that the donations had exceeded the targeted amount. It was a genuine effort to support Jordan’s family through this rather difficult time.

Jordan Coe, also known as Deachkalek Lamnammoon, was proving to be one of Muay Thai’s most exciting and promising fighters.

In 2016 Jordan Coe relocated to Lamnammoon Muay Thai Gym in Ubon Ratchathani, East Thailand yet had lived and trained in Thailand since mid-2014. He’d undoubtedly fully dedicated his life to the famed Thai ‘Art of 8 Limbs’. Renowned for his Isaan dancing as he entered the ring with Kaen (flute) slung off-shoulder, Jordan was recognized far and wide as a passionate character who transparently loved Muay Thai. Jordan’s style appealed to everyone, from traditional Thai’s to passionate fans and practitioners from various disciplines and countries. Deachkalek truly did belong in the ring.

As the shocking news of Jordan’s passing has reached all corners of the fight community, and beyond, there is a far cry for reflection in this time of sadness. In reflection, what we can safely conclude is this; Jordan lived his life to his fullest capability and with great integrity. His name will forever be remembered and in time the smile, he so often brought to our faces in the ring, will return as we remember his legacy. He brought conviction to us all with his dedication. He reminded us of what is truly important, with his words “Never Forget Your Beginnings”.

Muay Thai is a sport understood and truly appreciated by few. For what it’s worth, Jordan is not to be mistaken for anyone other than a purely passionate fighter. He had devoted his life to doing what he loved most. For those reasons, we salute the young man for unapologetically journeying along the path less traveled.

We wish to express our sincerest condolences to Jordan’s family, friends and trainers in this difficult time. Dance on Deachkalek; you will be missed.