Nathan Corbett presents Muay Thai training for women
Carnage Training: Female Muay Thai

Training women the art of Muay Thai.

There is a difference between men and women at Muay Thai training. There is a distinction when teaching them how to fight, or just helping them learn the greater skills in the Martial Arts for their self satisfaction and confidence.

I find that women have the fire inside, that they might not even realize they have. Or maybe they feel it’s not lady like to let it all out. But it’s true, and this is one of the reasons I really enjoy training women. They also don’t have much of an ego, so it allows them to enjoy the training.

Females are very different to men. Normally hitting things isn’t what women do. But as soon as they taste the feeling – their eyes light up and they come alive wanting more.

I enjoy teaching the ladies. They bring a different kind of energy to the gym. One of balance and grace.

My female students all become addicted to Muay Thai training. I get them doing things that they once couldn’t imagine they would be able to do. And once they get to unleash their inner warrior – it’s a whole new game.

Just like some men or women, not all students want to fight or even get punched in the face. But they still get the benefits of feeling like a fighter. This is great for their confidence.

I truly believe all women of all ages can benefit from fight based training. They can experience something that will make them feel empowered and strong.

It’s great to see the excitement they get from feeling powerful while getting a great workout. The skills they learn might even save their lives’ one day.