WKN organization kickboxing European and world championships in Belgium and Poland
WKN Championship belt

The World Kickboxing Network schedules two pro-amateur championship events in Belgium and Poland.

The WKN world office added two more shows to its calendar. This month the organization promotes seven world championship bouts in France (Full Contact Nice), Italy (The Night of Super Fight) and UAE (Dubai Fight). The announced shows in Belgium and Poland in May are the pro-amateur contests of European and world class.

Both countries are the prominent members of kickboxing world. Belgium accommodates Kickboxing series Simply The Best on SFR Sport. Poland is a country-host of Makowski Fighting Championship. The upcoming pro-amateur events dedicate to discover and promote new talents internationally.

On May 13 the WKN sanctions the European title fight at the “Night of Muay Thai III” at Salle Omnisport in Elouges. Soumeya Sammoudi of Belgium faces off Lillian Lank of Germany. The women’s bantamweight belt at stake. The fight card also includes a series of kickboxing and muaythai bouts with the local and international competitors.

The following event is the “Challenge 1” in Zawiercie. The program comprises three championship bouts. Justyna Ciborska will challenge for the junior welterweight European title. Similarly Damian Linder will battle out for the European belet in the super featherweight class. In addition Grzegorz Lenart will go up for the super cruiserweight world belt. The date and the names of contenders are not yet revealed. Promoter of the show is a former four-time world champion out of Poland, Cezary Podraza. The event airs on three networks such as TVP 3, FightBox HD and Telpol. We will have more information as soon as it becomes available.