Australian fighter to partake in Girl Power kickboxing series on European television network SFR Sport 5
Girl Power kickboxing series on SFR Sport / Pic: Bigger's Better Boxing

Blog: Girl Power out of Australia

Girl Power is a series of female kickboxing tournaments live on SFR Sport 5. To date we have presented two shows, with ten more series ahead. The producer is the Bigger’s Better Boxing. I have previously blogged about the legends behind the scenes as well as posted their greetings to Australia from the show in February. The “BB” is that group that has produced three seasons of the heavyweight boxing series live on Eurosport in 2010-2013.

Girl Power airs live on SFR Sport 5. The network is a branch of a large SFR Group, which covers all Francophonia. For those familiar with our sport not only in your own backyard, you would definitely know that France is arguably the capital of muaythai and kickboxing in Europe. A few times we’ve brought here, to Australia, some of their fighters to challenge local stars such as Toby Smith in Perth and Nathan Carnage Corbett on the Gold Coast. So appearing live, in prime time, on their sports network fully devoted to the fighting sports, let’s say… Worth it.

This is the only way to earn notability globally – to appear on TV networks outside your homeland. For those still thinking I speak a different language, take as an example the Australian fighter John Wayne Parr. He knows it very well as well as does it all. Otherwise, you remain a well-known, popular athlete locally, which is great. No offence whatsoever, but… “Who-is-Jeff-Horn?”, if it makes more sense this way.

Promoting Australian fighters

For over seven years I have been promoting Australian fighters internationally. As many as ten competed abroad under the management of the World Kickboxing Network. Here is the whole list. Danial Williams fought but lost in Japan. Similarly Brett Craine-White fought and lost in Poland. In 2015 we have sent the whole team, “best of” including Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson, to Spain. However, all also faced a defeat.

The highlight was managing Taylor Harvey and Rob Powdrill. “Hell Raiser” twice fought in my homeland, Belarus. “Power-drill” I’ve sent to France and Spain. Both are true champions with the big hearts and the high level of gratitude. In addition, the same excellence was working with Mark Pease and Hannah Taufan for their journey to France. Hannah was also on the A-list alongside Yolanda Schmidt to feature on the WKN Top Team travelling to Barcelona.

Schmidt received her prominence thanks to FIGHTMAG. I have personally spent countless amount of hours promoting her name internationally, making headlines. Promotion is “raising awareness” by its definition. Otherwise she would’ve likely remained as just another unknown fighter. There are truly so many good fighters of the same level and here, and around the World. But unfortunately this is what happens to talents in our sport due to a very small interest from media. Although I believe, we’ve done a good job in presenting “The Springbok” as the face of the current era of female muaythai out of Australia. It is arguably a must to have a personality that shows that there is indeed a high level of this particular sport in the country. Basically, the same way what JWP does for Australia being the King of Muay Thai from Down Under for over two decades.

Girl Power kickboxing live on European television

So we have ten Girl Power episodes scheduled on SFR Sport through 2019. The concept is a five-event program per season in the format of Grand Prix. Four qualification tournaments lead to the super finale. The winner and the runner-up of four qualification series receive the ticket to partake in the Grand Final. The next show is on June 23 with six contenders on the card already confirmed.

This morning I have spoken with the WKN President, Mr Cabrera and was told that we again might promote an Australian athlete internationally, in the upcoming series of Girl Power. The contest is the 8-woman featherweight [-60 kg] kickboxing Olympic system tournament.