The Night the Universe Took Three Greats out of Kickboxing

Glory 15 Kickboxing – 4/12/14 Istanbul, Turkey

I was talking to Tyrone Spong about this today and he said that was all of our last night as kickboxers. Of course it wasn’t the plan. Well it certainly wasn’t mine and I know for sure Spong was dominating the division. So I’m sure he wasn’t planning on stopping that campaign.


Gokhan Saki himself is a destroyer. Since then he has taken time out of the fight arena. But he is in training again for the big stage. He will be lethal as usual on his return to the ring.

It certainly was a big hit for the kickboxing industry losing two greats and myself as a muaythai fighter from the sport.

I’ve retired from fighting and finally become OK with it. But the craziest thing for me is that these two men that beat me, have become the two men I respect the most out of all my opponents throughout my 15-year career.

And to make it even better, both men have helped me with business things. My latest European tour in November 2016 was because of Saki. He arranged flights, accommodation and set up a seminar in Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam, which is certainly not easy to get in there to teach. I felt very honored to be there. It was a privilege to teach my striking style to all that attended from Mike’s Gym

Spong has promised me ring side tickets to his boxing world title fight when it happens. Believe me it will happen. The man is a king and he works harder than anyone. He is a monster.

I feel very honored to have this kind of relationship with both men. It’s like a brotherhood. As professional fighters we get each other. We know the grind. This brings respect to each other.

Amongst that, it’s about remaining humble in victory or defeat. Through that attitude doors will remain open for you in life.

As a fighter I wanted to KO both of them as they did me. But as a man – I want to uplift them and smile for there glories to come.

My journey is different to their’s now, but the journey of life is always shared together. Respect brothers.

[Glory 15: Istanbul, light heavyweight world championship tournament was held on April 12, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. Gokhan Saki, Tyrone Spong, Nathan Corbett and Saulo Cavalari featured on the card]


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