WKN kickboxing world champion Riyadh Al-Azzawi talks happiness in life
Kickboxing world champion Riyadh Al-Azzawi next to his golden Ferrari / Pic: Alpha PBT/Instagram @riyadhazzawi

Famed kickboxer out of Iraq Riyadh Al-Azzawi shares how to find harmony in life.

Baghdad-born Riyadh Al-Azzawi is the WKN World champion. Fighting in Full Contact he is noted as arguably the first-ever Arab to win the title in the heavyweight class. The 36-fight undefeated kickboxer has defended the belt three times.

“The Golden Champion” states the victories against Polish Tomasz Borowiec and Bulgarians Yavor Marinchev and Slavi Stoilov. Last March he retained the belt when he stopped American-English Brad Connor.

Residing in London, Iraqi athlete Al-Azzawi has been promoting the Peace and Respect globally. “I want to support and unite people in Iraq,” he told fightmag.com.au in post-fight at York Hall.

He has also revealed the story behind his alias of “The Golden Champion”. He said that long before he gold-plated his £200K Ferrari, he has succeeded in sport. The super-car has broke the news in 2014.

“The nickname ‘Golden Champion’ was chosen by the WKN. This is where it originally came from,” said Al-Azzawi. “Stephane Cabrera [WKN President] is like a big brother to me. He supports me all the way mentally and physically.”

On Friday Riyad Al-Azzawi posted a new photo on his profile on Instagram. It shows him next to his vehicle. In the caption he expressed one of the ways of finding harmony in life.

“Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from all the negative things. Nice shot by Alpha PBT.”

In addition in 2016, Riyadh Al-Azzawi made FIGHTMAG cover. He is featured along side the Hall of Fame boxing referee Steve Smoger.