Street fight interrupts John Wayne Parr & John Kavanagh

The Notorious Talk

The coach of the UFC star Conor McGregor, John Kavanagh is in Down Under on a promotional tour. During his visit he caught up with the Australian muaythai fighter John Wayne Parr. The latter has just returned from Italy where he made a knockout debut at Bellator Kickboxing.

The famed characters out of the combat sports were having a conversation on the street of the Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. They were also certainly having a laugh.

Talking about Conor McGregor, Parr asked for a confirmation of the rumor that “Notorious” is going to have a taekwondo fight. “That’s right,” said Kavanagh. “We are quitting on this MMA nonsense.”

John Wayne Parr was filming the talk. In addition to their chat, the footage has captured a street fight. It broke out right in front of them.

“Oh look we got a fight breaking out,” said Kavanagh. “Okay, I’ll pick him. I’ll coach him and you get the other guy.”

“Very unusual that when the people drink they get in fights. I’ve never seen that before. In Ireland we usually just sing to each other and then we just go home.”

On Thursday John Kavanagh posted a new photo on his Twitter. It shows him shoulder to shoulder with John Wayne Parr.

“Pretty funny that while John Wayne Parr started videoing our chat a street fight broke out. I’m sure he’ll post,” he captioned.

Later on the day Parr uploaded the video on YouTube. “Trying to make a funny video when drunk idiots want to street fight,” he described the footage.