Dubai Fight guest list: Emilien De Falco & Michael Jai White

Dubai Fight: kickboxing world championship returns to Emirates.

The WKN kickboxing gala Dubai Fight is held on May 4 at the One & Only Royal. World-class athletes partake in the happening organized by Eric Favre.


Last month the World Kickboxing Network revealed a complete fight card. The program is a six-fight bill. It comprises two bouts in kickboxing, two in Muay Thai, and also two Mixed Martial Arts contests.

In the main event the current WKN World super middleweight champion Yohan Lidon of France faces off Patrick Vidakovic of Hungary in defense of the title. In the co-main event Karim Bennoui of France and Antoine Habash of Hungary will challenge for the vacant WKN World super featherweight belt.

VIP event

Dubai Fight follows the steps of the renowned Fight Night Saint Tropez. The organization has recently announced the guest stars that are expected to appear at the show.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind first event in Dubai,” promoter Eric Favre told “It’s not been done before.”

“I wanted to do it here because I’m doing this with partners, friends and local fighters here. It’s important to do it as a high-end event. The set-up is very important and we’re expecting distinguished guests.”

Prominent French-American actor and martial artist Emilien De Falco features on the list. He is known for his appearance in big budget action movies such as District 13: Ultimatum, Deadliest Warrior, Dragon Quest and more. He has been also the body double of Jean-Claude Van Damme, and starred in The Perfect Weapon (2016) with Steven Seagal.

Another guest from the big screen is Michael Jai White of the US. He is an actor, writer, director, producer and stunt coordinator. In addition he is also a Martial Artist. White is known for numerous films and TV series, including portraying boxing great Mike Tyson in the 1995 HBO television movie Tyson.

The guest from the fighting sports is Mehdi Baghdad (11-5) aka “Sultan”. Living in LA, the French lightweight MMA fighter has had two bouts in the UFC, as well as was a contestant on The Ultimate fighter 22: Team McGregor vs Team Faber.

In addition, Morgan Aste is announced to present at the gala. Known as “The Big Rock” he is a famed bodybuilder out of France.


The French event-maker Eric Favre lives in Dubai. Over the years he has built a brand “Sport Games” that organizes events and trains athletes of different sports. It has also its own supplement product line to spread awareness worldwide of kidney disease, obesity, diabetes and more.

“There’s also a big focus and expectation to build on the sports and health aspect in the Middle East,” he said. “This event was brought here to help link it with health, nutrition and sports.”


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