Kickboxing: Edmond Ardissone presents Full Contact in Nice

Four WKN World kickboxing titles at stake on April 22Ā in Nice.

The annual Full Contact gala beautifiesĀ the French Riviera this coming Saturday. The A-team of localĀ kickboxers face off international opponents. Four WKN World title belts will be challenged during the evening. Three 12-round bouts in Full Contact kickboxing as well as the 5-round K-1 rules contest make up the program. In March, the World Kickboxing Network revealed the finalized fight card.

The man behind the scenes is Edmond Ardissone. A former 3-time world champion is known as a pioneer of Full Contact in France. In the 80’s he earned three world titles of the very first sanctioning bodies, the PKA (Professional Karate Association) and also the PKC.

“I have stopped [fighting] in 1987. Since then, I am theĀ trainer for kids,juniorsĀ and pro fighters,” Edmond Ardissone told “In 2011, I have started a new team and we have promoted 7 world-class events.”

When asked why the Full Contact style of kickboxng, which in the most places almost faded away, Ardissone said that he aspires to give his all to the sport heĀ loves. He treats it with respect and follows the tradition.

“I have started with Karate. In the past Karate rules banned KO and the full contact strikes.”

“US Karate or Kickboxing was born in the 70’s. As competitor I wanted to fight with the best of my sport and it was Full Contact.”

“First of all I love my sport. I treat it we respect.”

Two names Edmond Ardissone gaveĀ without thinking when asked about the best fighters out of his team. “Jerome [Ardissone] and Jonathan Pastorino,” he said.

“They have started with me when they were kids. They have won everything, France, Europe and World titles. On Saturday both of them can get back their World belts”.

The fight cards at the Full Contact promotion haveĀ featured the athletes representing numerous nationalities. The organization has produced the European and World championship events.

“April 22 is our 8th show. Our staff knows how to plan a great eventĀ for the public.”

“To date we have promoted 6 WKN world championships. With this show it’s going to make it 10!”

“We are in France and most of them [opponents] came from Europe but not only. In previous shows the fighters representedĀ Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Wales, England, Poland, Argentina and Dominican Republic.

“This time they come from Italy, Belgium, Slovakia, South Korea andĀ Georgia.Ā Fighters who come to Nice has to know that they can win, but it won’t be a piece of cake because our guys are better!”

Talking the upcoming event, Ardissone said that “to make the show is a long and hard work for the organisation staff, fighters” and himself. Nevertheless he aims to produce the world-class event for the audienceĀ to remember.

“So what I want, is give to the public the best show that it deserves, that is why we work with the WKN. Each time WKN gives us the best fighters.”

“With good fighters, we have good shows that become famous. It is true, WKN is Simply The Best!”

Ardissone Nice Full Contact 2017

The upcoming gala makes history. Not only the prestigious WKN World titles at stake, but also all of the first-string fighters out of Nice willĀ appear on the night in front of their home crowd.

“For the first time, we promote theĀ show with the 4 best fighters from Nice. Jerome Ardissone, Gregory Grossi,Ā Kamel Jebir andĀ Jonathan Pastorino.”

“These 4 guys are friends, they met many years ago when they fought as the juniors. Last September, we’ve realized that we were able to promote this show, so I am excited to do it.”

The line-up looks as the following. Jerome Ardissone (30-4, 7 KOs) of France faces off Jin Ho Park (28-6) of South Korea for the WKN World Full Contact bantamweight title. Jonathan Pastorino (30-8-1) of France takes on Sultanishvili Tsotne (17-4) of Georgia for the WKN World Full Contact super featherweight belt. Kamel Jebir (15-1, 8 KOs) of France goes up against Samuel Hadzima (45-12, 16 KOs) of Slovakia in the WKN World Full Contact super lightweight title fight. Gregori Rossi (65-12-3) of France squares off with Michele Mastromatteo (26-5) of Italy in the WKN World super light heavyweight kickboxing (oriental rules) championship.