Petr Vondracek invites to Simply The Best kickboxing gala in Prague

Simply The Best 14 Prague stars the third season of kickboxing series on SFR Sport

STB 14 Prague is the third episode of the WKN world series promoted in Czech Republic. The gala held on April 29 at Top Hotel is a mixed show with kickboxing and MMA bouts featured on the program. Earlier this month the World Kickboxing Network revealed a complete fight card.

In the headline event Matous Kohout (16-4-0) of Czech squares off with Jente Van Hul (35-4-1) of Belgium. The challenge is for the WKN middleweight European title in oriental kickboxing. In the co-headline event, the current WKN World super heavyweight champion, Czech Ondrej Hutnik (87-10-2) battles out against a heavyweight prospect out of Serbia Rade Opacic (7-1-0) in the non-title international fight.

Petr Vondracek (51-27-0) is the following notable name in kickboxing out of Czech. He is a former WKA world champion as well as the participant of the SuperKombat. He has also challenged Nicolas Wamba of France for the WKN Intercontinental title at STB 4 in 2015.

At Simply The Best 14 Prague, the representative of the Lanna Gym Praha, Vondracek takes on Poland’s Wieslaw Kwasniewski (8-8-0). Fighting out of the Kwas Gym, the latter has appeared at numerous international promotions including the Bigger’s Better Boxing live on Eurosport, series 21 Varna, as well as the Battle by WKN in Greece where he fought Antonis Tzoros.

In addition to a number of promotional event trailers for STB 14 gala this Saturday in Prague, the organization has released a new clip dedicated to Petr Vondracek. It shows him inside the ring, shadowboxing as well as working on the bag. In conclusion he makes a speech inviting everyone to attend a highly anticipated event.