Kickboxing series Simply The Best 14 Prague: Official Weigh-in


STB 14 Prague starts the third season of kickboxing series on SFR Sport 5

Simply The Best 14 Prague is held tonight at Top Hotel. The event is the third edition of the world-class international kickboxing promotions held in Czech Republic. Three WKN titles will be contested during the evening. The fight card comprises the first string fighters representing Czech up against international competitors.

In the headline event, the current WKN World super heavyweight champion Ondrej Hutnik battles out against a heavyweight prospect out of Serbia, Rade Opacic. The pair squares off in the 3-round non-title bout.

In the co-headline event Matous Kohout takes on Jente Van Hul of Belgium. The middleweights challenge for the WKN European title in the 5-round encounter.

Also, Jan Holec goes up against famed Tomasz Makowski of Poland. The 3-round bout is for the WKN International featherweight title.

In addition, Alexandr Cverna is up against Adnan Alic of Serbia. The contest is for the WKN International super heavyweight title in MMA.

The promoter of the show is Petr Lamac. The coordinator is Lukas Bodyy of Slovakia. A former 16-time world champion out of Belgium, Osman Yigin attends the gala. The event dedicates to support the 6-year-old Maximek who needs a constant medical attention. The official weigh-in ceremony was conducted on Friday.

STB 14 Prague fight card

WKN Kickboxing International Bout / Super heavyweight / Oriental rules / 3 x 3 mn
Ondrej Hutnik (87-10-2, Czech) vs Rade Opacic (7-1-0, Serbia)

WKN Kickboxing European Championship / Middleweight / Oriental rules / 5×3 mn
Matous Kohout (16-4-0, Czech) vs Jente Van Hul (35-4-1, Belgium)

MMA -84,0 kg / 3 x 5 mn
Makhmud “Mach” Muradov (9-6-0, Czech) vs Shota Gvasalia (9-3-0, Georgia)

Kickboxing +96.6 kg / 3×3 mn
Petr Vondracek (52-27-0, Czech) vs Wieslaw Kwasniewski (8-8-0, Poland)

WKN MMA International title fight -120 kg / 3×5 mn
Alexandr Cverna (6-3-0, Czech) vs Adnan Alic (7-7-1, Serbia)

Kickboxing +96.6 kg / 3×3 mn
Georgij Fibich (21-3-0, Czech) vs Anastasios Karagiannidis (Greece)

WKN Kickboxing International Championship / Super featherweight / Oriental rules / 3×3 mn
Jan Holec (38-14-3, Czech) vs Tomasz Makowski (36-7-0, Poland)

Kickboxing +96.6 kg / 3×3 mn
Daniel Skvor (21-6-2, 15 KOs, Czech) vs Jiri Stariat (11-5-0, Czech)

MMA -70 kg / 3×5 mn
Jan Malach (9-5-0, Czech) vs Paata Tschapelia (3-1-0, Georgia)

Kickboxing +86 kg / 3×3 mn
Daniel Brunclík (19-11-0, Czech) vs Miroslav Cingel (42-15-4, Slovakia)

MMA -120 kg / 3×5 mn
Jakub Dittrich (1-0-0, Czech) vs Jakub Kremen (0-1-0, Czech)

Kickboxing -81,0 / 3×3 mn
Bernard Plavec (Czech) vs Erik Matejovsky (Slovakia)