Girl's Budo Entertainment Seiza 5/11 is held on May 11 in Tokyo
Girl's Budo Entertainment SEiZA

SEiZA 5/11 is held on May 11 at Korakuen Hall

Girl’s Budo Entertainment SEiZA promotes it second event following the debut held in January. The show is a female MMA contest under the adopted rules for Japanese audience and television. The project aspires to top up the level of entertainment in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Nevertheless the “full contact” concept is in place. The gloves are indeed small like in MMA, but with more padding aiming the safety of female contestant. There is no use of knees to the head as well as elbow blows and strikes on the floor. The wrestling and choke techniques are borrowed from Jiu-Jitsu and Judo.

The project also includes features of the reality show. The athletes out of different fighting disciplines live and train together ahead of the big day to face off opposition in defense of the colors of their country and team.

The event-maker is a Japanese promoter Mr Yamaguchi. The backbone and the exclusive representative outside Japan is the World Kickboxing Network under the patronage of Stephane Cabrera.

The pilot produced Team Greece made-in WKN up against an international squad representing SEiZA. This week the organization announced the matchmaking for the upcoming gala on May 11.

SEiZA 5/11 is a team 3 vs 3 elimination fight series. The athletes representing the promotion are Rajina Bista, Radha Manandhar and Tabatha Ricci. Their opponents are Yoshie Ito, Miyuu Tsunoda and Yuina Nishiwaki representing Team Zen Do Kai. The program also comprises a super fight featuring Julija Stoliarenko vs Megumi Yabushita.