Bodybuilder Burneika on rapper Popek: He’s getting knocked out

KSW 39 Colosseum: Burneika vs Popek

Professional bodybuilder Robert Burneika takes on Polish rapper Pawel “Popek Monster” Mikolajuw. The bout features on the card at KSW 39 Colosseum on May 27th.

Robert Burneika is a world champion bodybuilder, TV show host and a huge celebrity in Poland. He has also dabbled in professional mixed martial arts and is currently undefeated at 2-0. On Saturday May 27th he is competing for Poland’s, and arguably, Europe’s biggest MMA promotion KSW. Their upcoming show “Colosseum” takes place at Poland’s national stadium in Warsaw with a crowd of over 50.000 expected.

A spectacle this big is in need of attention-drawing fights. KSW is putting all of their cards on the table for this one. Burneika’s opponent is Polish hip-hop star “Popek Monster” Pawel Mikolajuw. Believe it or not, he has also had a few pro MMA fights and is currently 2-2. His last fight came at KSW 37, a losing effort against former Polish strongman champion turned MMA fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski.

Many fans see this as a “freak fight”. However in the Episode 122 of The FightBox Podcast, Robert Burneika makes no secret of the fact that he is not a full time fighter.

“I’m not a professional fighter and I’m not going to be one. There’s no way you can keep muscle mass like this and be a professional fighter,” says the famed bodybuilder.

Burneika doesn’t seem to be doing any specific MMA preparation for this fight

It seems as if he is only planning on slimming down and toning up a bit as well as preparing himself mentally. This mountain of muscle is, however, quite serious about winning and getting his hand raised. “He’s getting knocked out… He knows that already,” says Burneika.

In this episode that is available to download for free, the “Hardkorowy Koksu” [hardcore juicer] also went on to discuss a number of other topics in this in-depth interview. This includes moving from Lithuania to the USA by himself at a young age to pursue a bodybuilding career. He talks how he landed a TV show in Poland, as well as opening his own gym and much more.

In conclusion, with a crowd of over 90.000 in attendance for the big Anthony Joshua – Wladimir Klitschko fight in London… And now, an expected audience of over 50.000 in Warsaw, it seems combat sports is still alive and well in 2017.

Daniel Austin
Daniel Austin is a TV commentator, journalist and podcaster for the FightBox TV channel. He is the host of The FightBox Podcast, an interview show where he talks to top fighters from around the world in all fighting disciplines. He did professional wrestling for 15 years, competing in nine different countries. Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, he later moved to Poland, where he now resides and where he started the country's first ever pro wrestling promotion in 2009, Do or Die Wrestling.