Glory 42 Paris: Yohan Lidon makes debut in Glory Kickboxing
Yohan Lidon in the second defense of the WKN World super middleweight title at Dubai Fight on May 4, 2017 at The One&Only Royal Mirage

French kickboxing star Yohan Lidon aspires the welterweight title in Glory

The 34-year-old Frenchman Yohan Lidon is fresh of the win, collecting the 16th world title belt. This past Thursday in the UAE, he made the second defense of the WKN World super middleweight belt, earning the decision against Hungarian Patrik Vidakovic at Dubai Fight. The dust has barely settled but the representative of “Team Nasser K”, insists he is full of fight and has no intention for a break. Furthermore, he has already two bouts scheduled within the next five weeks.

On May 20 Lidon headlines the second episode of Capital Fights in Paris. At the event promoted in terms of kickboxing series “Dark Fights”, he is facing off his country-fellow Djibril Ehouo in the three-round non-title bout.

In addition, Lidon reportedly features on the card at Glory 42 Paris on June 10. The event is his debut in the promotion. According to Une Certaine Presse the Frenchman is facing off Belgian-Armenian Harut Grigorian. To date the organization has not formally announced the match.

“I’m going to Glory 42 on June 10th and Doumced [Cedric Doumbe] is in my category,” the publication quotes the three-time WKN champion Lidon. “So I want to tell him that as a Frenchman, I wish him the victory against Nicky Holzken. But also that he [Doumced] should not get used to the [Glory] belt. Because he will not have it for long.”

Cedric Doumbe is the current welterweight champion in Glory. He earned the belt last December in Germany winning against Nicky Holzken. In March he defended the title against Yoann Kongolo in Belgium. Riding the 11-fight winning streak Doumbe faces off Holzken for the second time headlining Glory 42 Paris. The latter is the No.2 ranked welterweight in Glory.

Yohan Lidon and Cedric Doumbe fought in 2014. The result saw Lidon earning the decision in the final of A1 Grand Prix in Lyon.