Bigger's Better Boxing announces fight card for Girl Power 3 kickboxing series on SFR Sport
Girl Power kickboxing series on SFR Sport 5

Girl Power kickboxing series live on SFR Sport

The third edition of the women’s kickboxing tournament Girl Power airs live on SFR Sport 5 on Friday June 23. The featherweight contest is a one-night eight-woman eliminator. To take all, the contender has to collect three victories in one night. The competition goes accordingly to the format of the Olympic system tournament: quarter-final, semi-final and final. The challenge is for the prestigious WKN championship belt.

The concept of Girl Power with SFR is a five-event schedule per season. The qualification tournaments lead to the Grand Final. The producer is the Bigger’s Better Boxing. The organization is known for three seasons of the heavyweight boxing tournaments live on Eurosport (2010-2013). The backbone is the World Kickboxing Network.

On Tuesday the promotion has announced a complete fight card for Girl Power 3

On the top of the list is the Girl Power 2 semi-finalist out of Serbia Marina Spasic. Also on the card a prominent competitor out of Belgium Ashley Gilson. An all-rounder Aida Halac represents Bosnia. As well on the roster, French Celia Schroeder and Czech Lucie Mudrachova. In addition, the 2014 IFMA muaythai world champion out of Turkey Irem Akin partakes in the tournament. Alina Mayorova of Russia and and Iliana Metodieva Gelebova of Bulgaria complete the program.

The officials on the night are Steve Smoger of the US, Klaus Hagemann of Germany and Bruno Wartelle of France. The ring announcer is Jean-Philippe Lustyk of France.

In 2014 the Bigger’s Better Boxing presented the pilot of Girl Power live on Pay-Per-View. In February Girl Power 2 aired live on SFR Sport 5 starting the first season on European TV.