Throwback: Boxer Rob Powdrill chopping legs in Muay Thai

Leg kicks in Muay Thai, meet Rob Powdrill

Perth boxer Rob Powdrill is a well-known name in the fighting circuits. He has been around for over 15 years, taking on some of the best as well as winning numerous titles. “Powerdrill” has competed throughout Australia. He has also fought in Thailand and China. Furthermore, he twice represented the nation across the sea, in France and Spain.

Prior causing the 2014 upset of the year in Australian boxing by knocking out London Olympian Damien Hooper, Powdrill has made some significant damage under the rules of the Art of Eight Limbs. Known as a technical “brawler” he has eliminated his opponents with the devastating legs kicks on the multiple occasion. The featured footage is an evidence in action.

In March 2010, Rob Powdrill faced off Ricardo Miranda of Queensland. The challenge was for the vacant WKN Australian super light heavyweight title. The bout was the semi-main event at Domination 4: JWP vs. Valent for WKN World super welterweight title. Powdrill earned the victory against Miranda by TKO in Round 4. As a result, he claimed a prestigious belt and was crowned as a new champion in the division.

In September the same year, Powdrill went up against the West Australian Jake Tomlinson. A prestige super light heavyweight bout featured on the main card at Domination 5: Carnage vs Caiman for the WKN World heavyweight title. Powrdrill similarly defeated his opponent with the leg kicks. The referee stopped the contest in Round 4 due to a three knockdown rule.