ICX Seoul: WKN title at stake live on SpoTV
ICX Seoul: Kevin Burmester (l) vs Dongsu Kim (r) for WKN World lightweight title

Prestigious WKN title challenged at kickboxing gala ICX Seoul live on SpoTV

ICX Seoul is an international kickboxing promotion held on Sunday May 14 at Jangchung Gymnasium. The event promoted by Sportizen is a nine-fight program live on air by SpoTV. The fight card comprises the A-list Korean athletes up against the representatives of Germany, Japan, Thailand, China, Taipei, Hong Kong and Mongolia.

The highlight of the show is the contest for the WKN World title. ICX Seoul marks the first time when a prestigious World Kickboxing Network belt is challenged on the territory of Korea. The representative of the country host, Dongsu Kim is facing off against the prominent kickboxer out of Germany, Kevin Eiberg (Burmester). The championship bout is scheduled for five rounds in the lightweight division.

ICX Seoul is the following chapter in collaboration between the major governing body in kickboxing – the WKN, and the country that has built numerous stars such as Hong Man Choi, Chang Hyung Lee and Jaegil Noh, among others. For several years Korean athletes partake in the WKN events throughout Europe. Early January, the WKN World President Stephane Cabrera visited Seoul where he had a meeting with “The Khan” group cementing the following series of events.

The ICX Seoul fight card also includes two top Korean fighters Choi Wooyeong and Ha Unpyo who are set to find out who is the baddest man. In addition, a female kickboxing match features on the program with Mj Jim of Korea face off Julia Wolf of Germany. As well, Lee Chanhyeong goes up against Rungravee Sasiprapa of Thailand and Kim Segi of Korea takes on Zhang Yang of China. The official weigh-in ceremony was conducted on Saturday.

Fight Card

Kim Dongsu (Korea) vs. Kevin Eiberg (Germany) – WKN title
Choi Wooyeong (Korea) vs. Ha Unpyo (Korea)
Mj Kim (Korea) vs. Julia Wolf (Germany)
Lee Chanhyeong (Korea) vs. Rungravee Sasiprapa (Thailand)
Ju Mangi (Korea) vs. Rui Hanajawa (Japan)
Kim Segi (Korea) vs. Zhang Yang (China)
Noh Jaegil (Korea) vs. Ting Chieh (Taipei)
Lee Jiwaen (Korea) vs. Sin Yi Eva (Honk Kong)
Lee Sunghyun (Korea) vs. Batjargal (Mongolia)