WKN kickboxing supports Unifight championships in Romania
Unifight / Pic: Unifight.com

Unifight National Championship of Romania 2017

Unifight is a competitive training system with military applications. It is a method of training and control, where the application of notions and skills learned in a full-contact system, under circumstances of stress and effort – is fundamental.

The competition comprises two consecutive stages. The first task is to complete an obstacle course with close quarters battle. Any missed obstacle disqualifies the participant.

The second stage is a bout of full contact. The competition is a one-on-one hand-to-hand fight in the ring. The stage commences one minute after the first stage is successfully accomplished.

From May 23 to May 26 Romania hosts the Unifight National Championships. The event is held at the sports centre Leonard Doroftei in Ploiesti. The venue is named after a former WBA World lightweight champion out of Romania, Leonard Doroftei who was born in the city. The list of competitors includes policemen, gendarmery, fireman, border police representative, among others.

Romanian publication Incomod announced the Unifight championships on Thursday. The WKN posted a support message on its profile on Instagram.

Romania is a prominent member of kickboxing world. The country produced numerous stars such as Daniel Ghita, Benjamin Adegbui, Ionit Iftimoaie, Andrei Stoice, Amancio Paraschiv.

The World Kickboxing Network is a pioneer of kickboxing in Romania. The organization has built a prominent brand “Local Kombat”, which later evolved into the Superkombat Fighting Championship. Furthermore, in 2004 the WKN made history as the first organization to promote the world championship kickboxing on the territory of Romania, with Samir Mohamed vs. Alexander Kozachenko for the WKN World super lightweight title, broadcast by Eurosport.

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WKN supports Unifight Romania

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