Kickboxing: Glory 41 Holland weigh-in results

Kickboxing promotion Glory 41 Holland is an 11-fight bill held at the Brabanthallen Exhibition Centre in Den Bosch on Saturday May 20. The program comprises five bouts live on ESPN 3, following the six prelim bouts on UFC Fight Pass in terms of the Super Fight Series.

In the headline event of Glory 41 Holland Hesdy Gerges of Egypt meets Tomas Hron of Czech. The latter is a replacement for Chi Lewis-Parry who was pulled from the contest due to an injury earlier this week.

The program comprises the heavyweight contender tournament. D’Angelo Marshall of Curacaro, Mohamed Abdallah of Germany, Anderson Silva of Brazil and Giannis Stoforidis of Greece feature on the card. The reserve fight is Brian Douwes of Holland. The eventual winner takes on Benjamin Adegbuyi at Glory 43 New York on July 14.

In the headline of Glory 41 Super Fight Series the current heavyweight title holder Rico Verhoeven of Holland faces off against Ismael Lazaar of Morocco. The bout is a three-round non-title contest.

In addition, Robin van Roosmalen of Holland battles out against Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao of Thailand. The challenge is for the featherweight title.

The official Glory 41 Holland weigh-in ceremony was conducted on Friday.

Heavyweight: Hesdy Gerges (243.2 lb / 110.3 kg) vs. Tomas Hron (225.1 lb / 102.1 kg)

Featherweight: Chenglong Zhang (142.2 lb / 64.5 kg) vs. Wilson Sanches Mendes (142.4 lb / 64.6 kg)

Heavyweight Contender Tournament Semifinal: D’Angelo Marshall (232.8 lb / 105.6 kg) vs. Mohamed Abdallah (244.7 lb / 111 kg)

Heavyweight Contender Tournament Semifinal: Anderson Silva (236.3 lb / 107.2 kg) vs. Giannis Stoforidis (232.1 lb / 105.3 kg)

Heavyweight Contender Tournament reserve fighter: Brian Douwes (230.6 lb / 104.6 kg)

Heavyweight: Rico Verhoeven (255.7 lb / 116 kg) vs. Ismael Lazaar (267.6 lb / 121.4 kg)

Featherweight title: Robin van Roosmalen (142.6 lb / 64.7 kg) vs. Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao (141.5 lb / 64.2 kg)

Welterweight: Murthel Groenhart (168.9 lb / 76.6 kg) vs. Alan Scheinson (168.4 lb / 76.4 kg)

Light heavyweight: Mourad Bouzidi (208.6 lb / 94.6 kg) vs. Michael Duut (207.9 lb / 94.3 kg)

Lightweight: Tyjani Beztati (152.1 lb / 69 kg) vs. Youssef Assouik (153.9 lb / 69.8 kg)

Featherweight: Zakaria Zouggary (141.5 lb / 64.2 kg) vs. Yetkin Ozkul (141.8 lb / 64.3 kg)