Girl Power kickboxing series announces its official website
Girl Power is a TV series of women’s kickboxing tournament

Girl Power: Bigger’s Better Boxing promotes women’s kickboxing live on TV.

Girl Power is a series of female kickboxing tournaments. In the course of an evening eight international athletes compete in a three-round match tournament, battling it out in a simple knock-out format: quarter-finals, semi-finals, final. Prestigious WKN belt at stake.

Girl Power Kickboxing follows the steps of its notable big brother, Bigger’s Better Boxing. The latter is a three-season program that aired live on Eurosport from 2010 to 2013.

With the concept “Fight Like a Girl”, the Bigger’s Better announced the two-year partnership with European network SFR Sport 5. The organization presented the first show live on TV in February, which followed the pilot streamed on Pay-Per-View.

“Our main goal is an enlargement of opportunities for women in sport. We also strive to become an empowering tool for women for years to come,” said the Bigger’s Better Boxing head Jean-Christophe Courreges announcing the series in January.

The backbone is the World Kickboxing Network. Since 90’s the organization aspires to popularize kickboxing globally.

The organization presents its next series, Girl Power 3 Sunny Beach on June 23. The event held at Platinum Casino and Hotel is broadcasted live by SFR Sport 5.

Highly anticipating the event, the promotion hit the news-stream with an announcement on Facebook of it official home online. The portal contains the results, photos and videos of two previous installments, as well as the fighters presentation and event details for the upcoming show.

The team behind-the-scenes includes the World Kickboxing Network President Stephane Cabrera and the Hall of Fame boxing referee Steve Smoger. As well the WKN representative in Germany Klaus Hagemann and a former WBC International lightweight champion Bruno Wartelle of France. Famed French journalist and TV-presenter Jean-Philippe Lustyk is a host of the show.