Marion Montanari takes part in kickboxing tournament Girl Power 3 Sunny Beach
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Montanari replaces Schroeder in Girl Power 3 Sunny Beach – Fight Like a Girl.

Girl Power 3 Sunny Beach is an upcoming episode of women’s kickboxing series live on European network SFR Sport 5 on Friday June 23. The event is an eight-woman contest where international featherweight competitors battle out in a single-elimination tournament (quarter-final, semi-final, final).

Girl Power Kickboxing follows the steps of its big brother Bigger’s Better Boxing. The latter is a three-season show that aired live on Eurosport in 2010-2013. The backbone is the World Kickboxing Network (WKN).

On Thursday the promotion announced a slight change in the fight card. Previously expected to partake in the tournament Celia Schroeder of France fell off the contest. Her country-fellow Marion Montanari fills in an opened spot.

The 32-year-old Marion Montanari is a professional boxer and kickboxer. Fighting out of Lyon, she is a is a three-time world champion in French boxing Savate as well as the 2015 ISKA world champion. To date Montanari has also collected the 2-2 record in boxing. In kickboxing she earned the victories against such fighters as Irina Mazepa, Madelen Softeland and Elsa Hemat, among others.

In addition, earlier this week the organization announced an official portal for Girl Power Kickboxing. The source shares the results, photos and videos of two previous episodes, as well as the fighters presentation and event details for the upcoming gala.

The team behind-the-scenes comprises the WKN World President Stephane Cabrera, the Hall of Fame referee Steve Smoger, the WKN rep in Germany Klaus Hagemann and a former WBC International lightweight champion Bruno Wartelle of France. The host of the evening is a prominent journalist and TV-presented Jean-Philippe Lustyk of France.

An updated Girl Power 3 Sunny Beach fight card looks as the following:

  • Marina Spasic (Serbia)
  • Ashley Gilson (Belgium)
  • Alina Mayorova (Russia)
  • Lucie Mudrochova (Czech Republic)
  • Irem Akin (Turkey)
  • Iliana Metodieva Gelebova (Bulgaria)
  • Zorka Stojanovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Marion Montanari (France)