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Nathan Corbett: Ultimate Warrior Retreat Bali

Carnage Global: Nathan Corbett - Ultimate Warrior Retreat ➡️

Posted by Fightmag on Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Ultimate Warrior Retreat in Bali was certainly the most amazing experience I have had in all of my teaching experience so far. To take 16 people to Bali and lead them daily was something amazing and the individual breakthroughs that we had where incredible.

So let me take you back to the beginning where the idea was. Just a thought between two men, and from there was transformed into an amazing event that will be remembered by those who attended for a life time.

The Ultimate Warrior Retreat was a plan to bring no more than 20 people to an amazing island called Bali. To teach them the art of Yoga and Muay Thai whilst combining mindset and discipline.

The two aspects of fighting and yoga – a mix between Ying Yang, giving everyone a great balance in body and mind. It allows everyone to get in touch with there body and deeper self.

Not only on the Retreat did everyone get to learn the fighting skills or the movements of yoga, they got to work on there mental strength. From being pushed hard in the fight gym to going into a deeper relaxation whilst in yoga.

We provided the first class facilities for our guests. As well, guidance for their every need outside of the training sessions.

The friendships that were built over the week was something amazing. It was so good to be a part of that, gaining new friends and also students to continue to help lead to there personal goals.

Up Next – Ultimate Warrior Retreat

The plan for our Retreats is to hold four international trips per year. In addition, four local ones on the hinterlands of the Gold Coast Byron Bay Area. International Retreats shall be held in multiple countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Hawaii, Japan and Bali, among others.

Our next journey dates from July 19 to July 26 when we return to the beautiful Bali. For further information contact as well as stay tuned on my page on Facebook.

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