Japanese MMA gala Ganryujima 8 is held on September 2 in Tokyo
Ganryujima - Samurai Warriors

MMA gala Ganryujima 8 is held on Saturday September 2 in Tokyo.

Ganryujima is a Japanese Mixed Martial Arts promotion. It is known under the slogan and aspires to promote the “Way of Samurai”. The producer of the show is a famed character Sadaharau Tanikawa, a former executive of K-1.

The program at the events showcases international competitors who represent their national Martial Arts. This includes everything from traditional Karate and Muay Thai to Jeet Kune Do, Sanda, Kushti as well as Calcio Fiorentino. The “Style vs Style” concept, aims to demonstrate the national schools to the rest of the world.

The rules of the bouts are typical MMA at 3 x 5 minute rounds, but without submissions. As well, the bouts are held on a flat circle, equivalent to Sumo.

Ganryujima events air live on Fuji Television network. The backbone is the World Kickboxing Network. The latter provides international exposure as well as plays the role of a matchmaker. Numerous fighters out of the WKN Top Team appear on the mat of Ganryujima squaring off against Japanese competitors. In addition, the President of the WKN Stephane Cabrera is an exclusive representative of Ganryujima outside Japan.

In 2015 the organization presented a pilot. Since then it has held six more episodes showcasing numerous super fights as well as promoted the All-Asia tournaments.

The most recent event was held in May. The next show is scheduled for September 2. Maihama Station in Tokyo accommodates the gala. The fight card is currently in makes.