World Kickboxing Networks adds Hungary and Thailand to event calendar
WKN championship belt at stake in Hungary and Thailand

WKN adds to calendar two more international kickboxing promotions.

The dust has barely settled post the Rebuy Stars Fight Night in Slovakia but the major kickboxing federation, the World Kickboxing Network already announces two more events. In addition to The Usual Suspects in Northern Ireland and the MMA gala Hombres de Honor 86 in Spain held this weekend, the WKN promotes kickboxing championship in Hungary.

Batony Fight Night is held on Saturday June 10. The program comprises a series of amateur bouts in muaythai and kickboxing, that is followed by the WKN Hungarian championship. The promoter of the event is Gyorgy Rehak, who is known for the production of kickboxing series Simply The Best 3 Budapest: Gorbics vs. Renna in 2015. The championship supervisor is Gyorgy Vojvoda, who has recently appeared as one of the officials at Dubai Fight: Lidon vs Vidakovcis in May.

The second event is held in Thailand in three weeks time. Thai promoter Mr Pom presents the WKN Inter-continental super cruiserweight championship on Saturday June 24 in Bangkok. The show is promoted the day after kickboxing series Girl Power 3 Sunny Beach that the WKN installs in Bulgaria.

Hamid Reza Hejazi of Iran squares off against Nobuhiro Tsurumaki of Japan. The bout is scheduled for five rounds in Muay Thai. In addition the program includes a challenge for the WKN championship of Thailand. The event supervisor is Tofan Pirani.

The event is the next edition of the WKN promotions in Thailand. In 2000’s the World Kickboxing Network worked with Songchai Ratanansuban of S-1 promotion promoting international series Grand Tournoi. As of 2016 the organization presents a new series of events with the most recent show held in Phuket.