Beauty of Muay Thai Ballet brings Lilian Dikmans to media publishing

Lilian Dikmans joins the team of authors at FIGHTMAG

When it comes to grace and excellence, with its foundational techniques in dance genres, the art of Ballet certainly governs the bill. Talking the beauty in the art of fighting, Muay Thai, known as “The Art of Eight Limbs”, similarly appears as the first string. Both disciplines are very technical and require years of training. A blend of two delivers a solid athletic base, furthermore a philosophical background, creating an ultimate beauty. Australian Lilian Dikmans applies such combination as one of the essential elements for success in the development of her career.


“I started Ballet when I was 4, and continued for 8 years up until high school when my academic studies took over,” says Melbourne-born Lilian Dikmans. “I went to classes a few times a week and had yearly exams and performances.”

“Ballet taught me discipline, focus and coordination. I also learnt how to keep my body flexible and strong.”

As many, Dikmans started Muay Thai only for fitness. Four years later she is victorious in three bouts.

“After seeing the fighters training at the gym, I wanted to try stepping it up. So I trained hard and got addicted. I never thought I’d fight.”

“Turning pro this year was definitely an achievement for me. I used to say Muay Thai was my hobby, but it’s a much larger part of my life now.”

The ground of Ballet brought Lilian Dikmans to the field of modelling. This is where she is signed with Vivien’s Models, being active for over a decade.

“I find that they [Muay Thai and Modeling] work quite well together. I do a lot of underwear and activewear work. Muay Thai training keeps my body in shape for that.”

“I focus on larger jobs such as TV commercials, which I think is more lucrative than fashion editorial. I also do a lot of fitness work with brands that want to shoot models who have an athletic background.”

“In addition I’ve been shooting a video content that incorporates Muay Thai and boxing. I would like to do more of this. Exposure in media gives an opportunity to encourage more girls to get into combat sports for fitness and self defense.”

With a degree in Law and Commerce, Dikmans also appears as a blogger, publishing the column called Real Food Healthy Body. A former lawyer now also joins the team of authors at FIGHTMAG.

“Each day is different for me. I’m either on a shoot, teaching at Tribute Boxing or at my computer creating content.”

“My blog has a health and wellness focus. I share recipes, fitness tips, details of my beauty regime. I want to keep developing it, writing more frequently.


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