Jennifer Cassetta appears on FightBox Podcast with Don Roid
Jennifer Cassetta / Pic: Facebook @JenniferCassetta

Jennifer Cassetta discusses fighter nutrition, women’s empowerment and more on episode 127 of The FightBox Podcast.

Jennifer Cassetta is a woman who wears many hats. Besides being a third degree black belt in HapKiDo, she is also a certified nutritionist, self-defense instructor, author and motivational speaker. In episode 127 of the FightBox Podcast, which can be listened to in full here, she goes into detail about what prompted her to get into martial arts and how that led to a career in inspiring women to stand up for themselves and live a healthier life.

A good portion of the interview focuses on Jennifer’s thoughts on nutrition and her views on how to eat better. She advocates eating less meat, saying “I do recommend that everyone cut down on their animal consumption”. This could be contrary to a lot of fighters who subscribe to the “manly meat eater” philosophy. However, her theory makes a lot of sense. “When you’re eating factory farmed animals, you have to remember where those animals are coming from and the health of them. You’re eating flesh of an animal, so that animal wasn’t healthy. Now all of the sudden you’re eating that unhealthy animal”.

Cassetta goes on to give tips about what fighters who are training full time can do to maximize their nutrition. She also gives more basic advice on how to stay healthy for people who lead a busy lifestyle or simply want to start eating better.

Another topic which we explore is women’s empowerment and how women can become safer and more confident through self-defense. Jennifer travels the country talking to women of all ages with her “Stilettos and Self Defense” workshops, which are also available on DVD. It is her hope that through self-defense education the number of assaults and other crimes can be lowered.

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