Thai Fight Knockout with cartwheel kick specialist Saenchai

The King of Muay Thai

Earlier this year a famed Muay Thai promotion “Thai Fight” has presented two shows on European soil. One of the most notable fighters out of Thailand, Saenchai headlined both events held in Paris and Turin.

On Saturday July 15 the organization installs a gala on the territory of its origin. The upcoming event is held in Yala, a southernmost province of Thailand. The master of cartwheel kicks, Saenchai is announced to battle out in the main event.

The organization has been recently posting the numerous videos on its page on Facebook. The series “Thai Fight: Knockout” features the A-list fighters such as Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee, Yodsanklai Fairtex, among others.

On Monday the promotion published a clip dedicated to Saenchai. The latter appears squaring off against “farang” under the rules of Kaad Chuek where instead of the boxing gloves a traditional rope-binding is in use.

The video shows Saenchai entering the ring dancing. He then executes the several jump kicks, that lead to a knockout performance. Making a fake motion of the upcoming right kick the Thai fighter throws the left leg instead. It lands on the neck of his opponent, sending him to the canvas.

Saenchai is one of the most well-known authentic representatives of the Art of Eight Limbs. Aspiring to help promoting the national sport of his homeland globally he made a call-to-action last March.

“If you do Muay Thai, call it shadow Muay Thai. No more shadow boxing,” he captioned the video that shows him training at Yokkao Boxing Gym in Bangkok.