Gokhan Saki expected UFC debut in Rotterdam
Gokhan Saki / Pic: Facebook

Gokhan Saki: We are going to conquer the UFC.

Last month Gokhan Saki announced that he has left Glory Kickboxing and singed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. “The Turkish Tyson”, one of the most known kick-boxers of all time, is indeed highly anticipated in his UFC debut. Furthermore he aspires to become a champion in the organization.

On Friday VICE Sports published an interview with “The Rebel”. Among everything it is revealed that he is currently in the UAE, preparing for the upcoming contest, which is expected, “if everything goes according to plan”, at UFC Fight Night on September 2 in Rotterdam.

Talking the training Saki said that at the moment he is “doing a lot of wrestling and jiu jitsu”. “It is all new to me, but I like it,” he said.

“I would never say this about myself, but it doesn’t matter which sport you give me. I will deliver. There are regular athletes and elite athletes. I am the latter.”

“There are a lot of Russians, Iranians and Brazilians here in Dubai. The Russians and Iranians are good at wrestling, some of the guys I train with are world champions. The Brazilians are good at jiu jitsu.”

Accomplished kick-boxer Gokhan Saki has tasted the MMA fighting over a decade ago, facing a defeat in England.

Talking the 2004 contest he says that he “got the call for the fight the night before the fight”, while leaving the night club in Rotterdam. “Cor [Hemmers] asked me if I could come to Liverpool to replace a fighter. I was young, hungry and wanted to fight at all times.”

“When I arrived in Liverpool the next day, they told me it was an MMA fight. I did not know what MMA was and asked them what it was.”

“At first I thought it was an insurance company or something. I never trained for MMA and partied the night before, but I endured the fight for seven minute nonetheless.”

When asked if this time it will be different for UFC, Saki says it is “Guaranteed” and “will go down”. “We are going to conquer the UFC.”

“It is not a done deal yet that I will debut in Ahoy, but I want it and the UFC wants it as well. We only have to see who the opponent will be. We are going to put the Netherlands, Turkey and Dubai on the map.”