Melbourne Muay Thai model Lilian Dikmans appears in Pure Blonde TVC

Singed with Vivien’s Models Lilian Dikmans is a known Melbourne personality. Although not aspiring to a career as a world champion she is arguably Australia’s most appealing representative of the Art of Eight Limbs. To date the former lawyer is victorious in three of her bouts in Muay Thai.


This month Dikmans appeared in a TV commercial for Pure Blonde Cider, The Final Stretch 15. The latter is a low carb cider produced in Australia. The clip shows the model out of Victoria in the gym. She executes a series of heavy hits on the boxing bag.

“I’m not appearing as myself in this TVC. I was cast as an actor who can punch things,” says Dikmans.

“They wanted a boxer, and part of the audition process was for me to show them how I move on pads with a Martial Arts trainer. I was meant to look like an every day person. Boxing for fitness.”

Living indeed a healthy lifestyle, Dikmans adds that she doesn’t drink much alcohol. “I don’t recommend people drink after training,” she says smiling. “But putting the alcohol part aside, I was cast in this TVC because of my skills.”

When asked about the goals with media, Dikmans says that she wants “to encourage more women to take up combat sports”.

Girl Power: Lilian Dikmans

In addition, a published blogger at Real Food Healthy Body Lilian Dikmans has recently joined the editorial board at FIGHTMAG. This coming Tuesday she visits Perth. Among everything the list of activities includes the training with one of the most notable WA fighters Rob Powdrill.


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