Perth Muay Thai training with Rob Powdrill
Perth Muay Thai figher Rob Powdrill and Lilian Dikmans of Melbourne / Pic: FIGHTMAG

Three days in Western Australia have been full of action.

The State of WA is known as one of the two best Muay Thai territories in Australia. While Melbourne has been known as the kickboxing center of the country, WA and Queensland produce the largest number of Australia’s representatives of the Art of Eight Limbs.

Staying at Tribe Hotel¬†in Perth, on Thursday I visited the training base of Rob Powdrill. He’s currently preparing for his return to Muay Thai after some time off, headlining “Thunderdome XXI” to be held on July 14.

At first glance Rob’s body art appears a bit intimidating. But in reality he is a really friendly guy with a good sense of humor.

Arriving at the gym as he was finishing his “long as” warm up run, he followed up with ten minutes of skipping. Then there were a few rounds of shadow Muay Thai¬†leading to pad work and clinching. Lastly, concluding business for the day, there was conditioning, core work, as well as the beloved 200 knees and 30 power kicks each leg on the bag.

Throughout training, there’s no “chatting-about-life”. Despite the challenging nature of the coaching in the old school style of Parviz Iskenderov, there is no time for a break. The team aims to simulate the real fight conditions of non-stop action.

Training with the guys, I was given some tips on how to perform elbows better and how to maximize balance in my stance. Also, the importance of a strong defense while remaining a dominant character inside the ring was reinforced.

I always find that training with knowledgeable fighters is a useful way to learn. Next up, I plan to visit Queensland and return to Thailand later this year.