Carnage Global, Muay Thai, Warrior’s Journey: UAE, Europe, USA

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Kicking off 2017 with our first Ultimate Warrior Retreat in Bali was amazing. It has certainly set the path for a huge success with so many things in the pipeline over the coming months.


Starting on the 8th of July there will be a Warrior Yoga, Muay Thai and mindset workshop at lululemon Gold Coast. lululemon is a global brand for Yoga training, clothing and equipment. That will be an amazing event and I am honored to be aligned with such a wonderful brand.

On July 15 I’m running a private Men’s Only Empowerment half day. This includes Muay Thai training, stretching, conditioning, mindset and recovery spa session.

From July 22 to 23 we are holding our first Ultimate Warrior Retreat Gold Coast event from my Dojo. We want to give locals and interstate participants the opportunity that can not travel far or for so long. The weekend will hold everything that our international Retreats hold.

Then it’s time to set off again and travel the World. This time round it is on a whole new level.

It starts off with going to Dubai to meet up with the one and only Gohkan Saki. Then I am heading onto Serbia for the Summer Camp with a 10-day intensive fight training. Champions all of the region attend the event hosted by Misa Baculov from Ronin-Carnage Global.

Next stop is Germany, then Ireland and UK. The schedule includes the Carnage Seminars as well as a full day Ultimate Warrior Retreat. This will be the first installment in Ireland. I am looking forward to seeing the future of that grow.

After Europe has been completed I am off to the land of dreams, USA. This one really excites me. I’ve been waiting for the right time for this to happen and it has finally come.

The first stop is Vegas for the big fight against Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Then, I’m traveling all over the country, teaching Carnage Seminars and Warrior workshops.

I am going to visit Tyrone Spong and spend few days hanging out together at his home in Florida. It will be amazing to sit, chat and watch him train. Support his new dream of becoming world heavyweight boxing champion.

The whole trip is going to be documented under the banner of the Warrior’s Journey, where Niall Meegan and myself travel all over helping others kill the demons of their minds by becoming their own Ultimate Warrior.

Along the journey we will be asking celebrities, famous fighters and powerful people on their thoughts on fighting and the inner-self. The idea is that they can help us help others to feel empowered.

Big things, so stay tuned. Show your love and support by sharing the posts to get the message across the Globe to those in need.


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