Bosch Tour 5: WKN promotes Muay Thai South American championship in Argentina
Bosch Tour 5: Juan Giudicce vs. Ezaquiel Dos Santos for WKN South American Muay Thai Title

Bosch Tour 5 is held on July 16 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Bosch Tour 5 is the following edition of the WKN fight nights in South America. The event is also the third show promoted in Argentina this year. It follows two previous installments, with Bosch Tour 4: Alcaraz vs Gasparzinho held in February, and Bosch Tour 3: Velasco vs Veloto organized in May.

The Bosch Tour 5 fight card comprises a series of international Kickboxing and Muay Thai bouts, with the fighters representing Argentina, Brazil, Chili and Paraguay. Male and female contests featured on the program.

Moreover, the WKN South American title will be challenged on the night. Argentine Juan Giudicce faces off Ezaquiel Dos Santos of Brazil, battling out for a prestigious belt.

The promoter of the show is the WKN World cruiserweight champion Cristian Bosch. The coordinator of the event is Fernando Munoz, representing World Kickboxing Network.

The event is held at Nina night club in Ituzaingo, Buenos Aires. The announced to date match-ups can be found below.

Juan Giudicce vs. Ezaquiel Dos Santos – WKN title
Ignacio Capllonch vs. Alex Diaz
Pablo Roa vs. Andres Palacios
Damian Alcaraz vs. Eduardo Martins
Edgardo Cuenca vs. Emmanuel Vallejos
Pablo Paciullo vs. Juan Pablo Zena
Nahuel Lopez vs. Maximiliano D’Agata
Brenda Calderon vs. Araceli Fornera
Israel Roldan vs. Alex Artigas
Melina Andossi vs. Nadia Bornn Balbis
Drancisco Giannice vs. Lino Mayoto
Christian Guido vs. Michael Pereyra

In addition, the WKN announced that on July 8, famed Argentine Jorge “Acero” Cali is hosting a Kickboxing and Boxing seminar at Shitao Academy.