Keeping Model Body ready with Muay Thai

There was a time when models simply didn’t eat to maintain their figure.

In recent times a more athletic, toned body has gained popularity. For me, this is a welcome change as I prefer to keep my body fit, healthy and well-fueled through proper diet and exercise.


It’s no surprise that modelling work requires a body in peak condition. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because the work is actually quite physical. Long hours spent on shoots contorting your body into pleasing shapes requires energy and stamina. If your body is weak, you won’t be able to go the distance to deliver what the client needs.

I’ve tried an array of different exercise regimes to keep my body in shape. But I’ve found that Muay Thai gives the best results.

Since a typical Muay Thai workout blends cardio, body-weight strength work and interval training with a range of functional movements, it creates the perfect environment for fat burning and development of long, lean muscles. Stretching is also an essential aspect of my training to ensure that I recover well and maintain flexibility and full range of motion.

The skills that I’ve learnt through Muay Thai have also opened up additional opportunities for me in the modelling space. I was recently cast as a boxer in a TVC for Pure Blonde Cider due to my ability to throw punches. I also often work with activewear brands that want to shoot models who can perform high intensity workouts on camera.

In the coming months, I will be shooting some more projects with a martial arts focus, which I’m excited to share with you soon.


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