Team Australia at IFMA Muay Thai Youth World Championships
Team Australia at IFMA Muay Thai Youth World Championships 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand

Youth Muay Thai: Bigger than Ever

This year IFMA Youth World Championships takes its place from 3 to 11 August at Thailand’s National Stadium in Bangkok. The event is expected to be bigger than ever with 68 National Muay Thai teams registered to date.

The event is hosted by the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand under the patronage of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince. It is organised in cooperation with the Royal Thai Government through the Department of Physical Education. Alongside the actual battles in the ring, the program includes the Youth Wai Kru World Championships and the Youth Muay-Aerobic World Championships.

The roster at IFMA Youth World Championships comprises boys and girls from 10 to 17 years of age. They compete in divisions strictly separated by age and weight, wearing a protective equipment. As with the adults, the bouts are accompanied by the traditional Thai music.

The events aspire to promote the Olympic ideals of Fair Play, Sportsmanship and Social Responsibility including visits to local schools and awards for friendship. In addition, IFMA promotes the “Sport Is Your Gang” project. It is dedicated to the young athletes, helping them learn that Muay Thai is about much more than just a competition. It is a way to build friendships which endures far beyond the ring or a competitive career.

For many participants IFMA Youth World Championships is the first time when they represent their country internationally. It is also a start of the journey leading to IFMA World Championships among adults, as well as The World Games, where Muay Thai makes its debut this month. Furthermore, now also one day to The Olympics.