Ganryujima 8 Adauchi fight card
Ganryujima 8 / Poster

Japanese MMA promotion Ganryujima 8 is held on Saturday September 2 in Maihama.

Ganryujima presents the “Way of Samurai” live on Fuji TV. The show features international competitors out of different disciplines battling out in the format of “Style vs Style”.┬áThe contests held on a flat circle are the typical MMA bouts, excluding submissions.

The founder of Ganryujima is a former K-1 executive Sadaharu Tanikawa. The project collaborates with the World Kickboxing Network. The WKN World President Stephane Cabrera is its exclusive representative outside Japan.

In 2015 the organization presented the pilot, followed by six episodes. A series of super fights as well as the All-Asia tournaments featured on the program. The most recent event was held in May.

On Sunday the WKN revealed a nearly complete line up for the upcoming show. The roster includes the Japanese athletes, as well as the representatives of Italy, Brazil, India and Thailand.

In the main event the UFC and DEEP veteran Katsunori Kikuno of Japan faces off Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist Marcus Aurelio. Also on the card, the Calcio Fiorentino practitioner (early form of football in Italy) Michele Verginelli of the WKN Top Team takes on MMA fighter out of Brazil Marcus Vinicios representing Capoeira.

To date the promotion announced seven bouts. One more match is expected to be announced in the coming weeks, concluding the card.

Katsunori Kikuno (Japan) vs. Marcus Aurelio (Brazil)
Michele Verginelli (Italy) vs. Marcus Vinicios (Brazil)
Shota Hara (Japan) vs. Hannya Hashimoto (Japan)
Taishi Nakajima (Japan) vs. Atsushi Hamada (Japan)
Junya Taneichi (Japan) vs. Kuntap Charoenchai (Thailand)
Hideki Sekine (Japan) vs. Ryo Kawamura (Japan)
Shinsuke Seto (Japan) vs. Kultar Gill (India)
Shouma Sivixay (Japan) vs. TBA